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Declarative Statement

To Move Forward When Life SUCKS!

To See Light in the Face of Darkness!

To Find Hope in Devastation and Doubt!

PANDA ON! and "Day of Grace" Inspirational Day

Day of Grace is a special day dedicated to honoring and thanking  those who have made a positive difference in our lives.  "Thank You" is an easy and  simple fundamental that we often take for granted. But, a heartfelt "Thank You" has the power to work extraordinary goodness in both parties involved. 

Day of Grace was started because we witnessed first hand the power of inspiration working in Grace and those around her. Death should not stop, cannot stop, such power. It is because of Grace's never fading smile in the midst of pain and hardship that has inspired me. To her I say "Thank You!" Grace acknowledged the power of inspiration. It is in her memory and honor that we continue the work she started. 

In the past we have celebrated her birthday by getting the family together. But, for our Fifth Year Anniversary we wanted something more. It is time for something bigger. We thought, "What would Grace want?" 

In her honor PANDA ON!  is joining in on all the celebrating. October 5, we visited Navicent Health, Macon Medical Center, to give our "PANDA ON! Love Package" and PEP, our Purple-Eyed Panda Bears, to all the children on the Pediatric Floor.

This year, 2018, we will be giving away more PEPs and lots and lots of love to another Children's Organization. We will keep you updated as we finalize our plans!   

If you would like to get in all the fun, you can donate a PEP to be given to a child-

The Grace E. Smith Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 in honor of Grace. A $1000.00 scholarship is given to a Southeastern Technical College, Vidalia, Georgia, student pursuing a degree in the medical field. To make a charitable donation please click the button below.

Grace E. Smith Scholarship

To learn more about Grace's story please visit "DAY OF GRACE".