The Purple Heart

"To LIVE and to LOVE are the loudest choices of quiet determination in the face of hardship." ~PANDA ON!

The Purple Heart is recognized as a military symbol to honor those killed or wounded in action. Our "Purple Heart" is not only a sign of compassion and love for all who have been wounded in life, it is also to honor those who have seen the wounded and have rushed to their aid.

PANDA ON! wants the hurting to know, "You Are Not Alone!"

Our products are designed to be tools of connection, love and support. Our message is simple; there is power in a kind word, genuine gift or sincere smile.

PANDA ON! is a declarative statement that means- To move forward when life sucks! To see the light in the face of darkness. To find hope in devastation and doubt!

PANDA ON! is the love you give to show your support.

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"Life is a struggle sometimes. Maybe the point of our struggle is to remind us that life isn't found in the grand adventures one achieves alone. But, rather, the humble adventures of giving and receiving loving help from one another." ~ PANDA ON! 

Because PEP, our Purple-Eyed Panda, was brought to life with the special mission of encouraging others, a portion of all proceeds goes to helping families with children fighting illness.