Designer PANDA ON! Vera Collection- "Courageous Force"


You want to send your love and support to that special someone who is hurting. PANDA ON! is here to help. 

Our Designer PANDA ON! cards have been especially crafted with the love you want to send to show the support your loved one needs.  With a sincere inscription and beautiful cover, our Designer Purple Heart Cards have been crafted to bring comfort to the hurting.

Inside of card reads:

The force you are facing is nothing compared 

to the courageous force within you. 

Determination…Strength... Fortitude…. It’s all there inside of you. 

I know because I’ve seen it before. 

You are not just going to make it though this; 

you are going to knock down every wall standing in your way.

You’ve Got This!!

Thank You For Being a True Friend!!! The words you speak into the life of another are never small nor insignificant. The kind words of comfort given to a heavy heart create new worlds full of life, love and courage. To the one who is hurting, the words you offer give light in the dark, strength to the weary and hope to the hopeless. 

Panda On! Good Friend!

A portion of all proceeds go to help families with terminally ill children.