• Original PANDA ON! Cotton of Carolina T-Shirt-Vintage Black


    We are excited to be able to offer this uniquely superb, super-comfy T-Shirt.
    Our Original PANDA ON!  T-Shirt boasts our logo on the front with the definition of Panda On! located on the back. Included is our reminder to Live to Love! Love to Live! We understand the comfort of good, time-worn clothing so we created the vintage look and super-soft feel of our authentic cotton t-shirt to give you that immediate experience.  

    Because our products are to encourage and lend support, we include an "Encouraging Tag" with each item. Our thoughtful and elegant PANDA ON! Original T-shirt  tag reads: 

    "Choose to Live! Choose to Love!

    Our motto, "Live to Love! Love to Live!" is a reminder of the wonder of our choices in the hardest of times. 

    Strength is in  you to live fiercely.

    You are courageous!! Love your life and the people in it. 

    You are not alone!" 

    Forever PANDA ON!

    By choosing this t-shirt, you are helping us share the important message of encouragement and love. THANK YOU!  
    Not only can we boast 100% made in the USA, you can actually track your authentic cotton t-shirt, "Dirt to Shirt".  By matching the thread color in your sleeve and bottom hem, you can trace each step in your t-shirt's 'dirt to shirt" transformation- From the farmer who grew the cotton all the way to the last step which is the company who dyed your t-shirt! 

    We think this is pretty AMAZING!

    The dye used to color our cotton is water based, making it environmental and pet friendly :)  Because of the unique way the cotton is dyed, your "better-with-every-washing" t-shirt is breathable and will not ever crack or peel.
    So go ahead and smile :) Buying this t-shirt is a great investment for so many reasons. You are AWESOME! 
    PANDA ON! My Friend!

    A portion of all proceeds goes to help families with children fighting illness. .