Kickstarter is a crowd funding website that helps projects and new business get off the ground. Our Campaign will run for 30 days, April 25, 2017 to May 25, 2017.

We are excited to offer new merchandise during this campaign, like our Vera Collection Purple Heart Note Cards and our Leather and Metal Reminder Bands.  But, what we're most excited about is our "Event" Tee. We have newly designed t-shirt. But it was created for a special purpose. Our new design features SnowPEP. This tee will be retired after our Kickstarter Campaign. This is a limited run t-shirt!

For all SnowPEP tees sold, PANDA ON! will donate a PEP to be given to a child on the Pediatric Floor of Navicent Health-The Macon Medical Center.

Upon reaching our goal we will celebrate by Eric donning his PEP costume and visiting with the families at Navicent Health with our PEPs to give away!! We are looking forward to giving some love, encouragement and support to all the families we have to honor to meet.  

Please visit our Kickstarter page to learn more! We look forward to you joining us on our PANDA ON! Journey.